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The brain, the hungriest organ of the body

Tears of joy as averages soar, with Bio-Strath

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It was June 2006 when we received an elated letter from a parent thanking us for the benefits Bio-Strath gave her son who was battling at school.

His first term results for English (second language) was 14% and for Mathematics was 22%. Even with extra lessons, studying hard, full support from his parents and trying his best, this grade 8 learner could not pass, and felt a complete failure. Desperation led his mom to reach out to her best friend for help and personal support as only a best friend can give. The friend suggested Bio-Strath and told the mom to give it to him three times per day. The second term started and all that changed were his three times per day dose of Bio-Strath. At the end of the second term the report card read: English (second language) 68%! And Mathematics 48%! He passed! Elated and with much more confidence, this young man continued with his studies and passed the year. 15 years later, we still hear the same stories of how Bio-Strath has supported a child through exams and tests, to pass with better results and bringing out the best in the brain. What a gift!

Did you know the brain is the hungriest organ of the body? It is estimated that between 60-80% of the energy from the food we eat daily is consumed only by the brain. A healthy diet, drinking lots of water, exercising often and enough, good sleep and relaxing are all vital to healthy brain function. Achieving one’s best results is a combination of a healthy lifestyle as much as a proper study routine, discipline, and hard work. Bio-Strath alone is not the answer.

Bio-Strath has 61 identified nutrients present, which are not synthetically produced but naturally found in the product, and because it is a natural nutritional supplement, the human body recognises these nutrients and can readily absorb them. In one of the latest studies done on Bio-Strath, it was shown how Bio-Strath aids in absorption of nutrients into the body. Take Vitamin B1 for example. Without Bio-Strath, the bioavailability is poor, but with Bio-Strath, Vitamin B1 is 9.9 times better absorbed into the body! Iron 5.75 times better absorption and so the list goes on. Bio-Strath feeds our cells and brings order and balance into the body. It aids in absorbing the nutrients from the food we eat better into the body too and should an extra supplement be required, the nutrients will be better absorbed and used by the body.

A myriad of supplements exists on the market. Just walk through the supplement aisle of a large store. Which one do you choose? The cheapest? The one that is on special? How do you choose? Remember, the reason for the supplement is to supplement your existing diet. Do your research. How many supplements can boast 39+ studies completed and published, not on parts of the ingredients, but on the actual whole product? Bio-Strath can. For years it has been known through these studies how well Bio-Strath supports children at school to have better focus, have better recall, better memory, and the ability to understand. No, it can’t increase the IQ of the person, but it can however bring the best out of the brain. But it’s more than brain food; it helps keep energy levels normal and supports a healthier immune system. Read the benefits of this remarkable product on their website here. It certainly is the foundation product for good health and, most importantly, for good brain health.

Young girl doing school work

There are other products that will further benefit a person during exam time or when stress and pressures are higher than normal. They are: A.Vogel Concentration Formula which is indicated for the supportive treatment of poor concentration and memory. The ingredients specifically address overactivity, restlessness, distraction, daydreaming and poor memory recall as well as mental fatigue and associated anxiety.

A.Vogel Neuroforce is a nerve tonic for the person that worries and becomes troubled and tearful or anxious because of the exams. This remedy addresses hypersensitivity, agitation, and restlessness.

A.Vogel Ginkgoforce is a herbal remedy to help improve the circulation, especially capillary circulation. Ginkgo supports brain, peripheral and micro circulation, improves oxygenation and nutrition of tissues and acts as an antioxidant. Ginkgoforce supports memory and cognitive function. A must for the person that has been diagnosed with long term memory and concentration problems as it can be used ongoing. Without adequate oxygen and good blood circulation, no cell can be their best in the body. Its vital!

Now you know…. Nature truly is bountiful and giving!

This article originally appeared on Living Naturally and can be found here.

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