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The circulatory system and its potential problems

What is the circulatory system and what problems can it give us?

The body’s circulation or circulatory system is a complex network of blood vessels transporting blood from the heart to all parts of the body, and back again to the heart. Did you know, this whole network is 106 216,7 km’s in length or 66,000 miles, more than two and a half times the circumference of the earth! And what does this system do in the body? It supplies oxygen and nutrients to all body cells and returns carbon dioxide to the lungs and waste to the filtration system to be expelled. Truly, the forgotten ‘organ’ of the body.

The circulatory system is made up of 3 systems:

  • The arterial system
  • The venous system
  • The portal system.

And they are made up of 3 types of blood vessels:

  • Arteries which carry blood away from the heart.
  • Veins which carry blood back to the heart.
  • Capillaries, the smallest blood vessels, which connect arteries to veins and feed our cells with oxygen and nutrients.

Problems with the circulatory system

Problems with the circulatory system can lead to major life-threatening health issues such as angina, heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots. These conditions must be managed by your doctor.

There are also minor health problems related to the body’s circulation which can affect your health such as tinnitus, cold hands and feet, haemorrhoids, and varicose veins. If you suffer from one of these minor conditions, there is often something you can do to help yourself.

In the section below, you can find out more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment choices of some of the more common minor problems related to the circulation.


This is a symptom, rather than a condition, with several causes. The term refers to hearing sounds or noises without an external source for the sound.

One of the simplest causes of tinnitus relates to exposure to loud noises or sounds such as being at a rock concert. Other common causes include ear wax and viral infections such as colds or flu. Interesting, some people suffer with tinnitus only or more when they are emotionally and physically exhausted.

The natural way to support a person suffering with chronic tinnitus is to use A.Vogel Ginkgoforce long term with Bio-Strath. Then, Natura’s Tinnitus tablets can also be used as per label to address the problem homoeopathically.

Raynaud’s disease – Cold hands and feet

Another commonly encountered minor problem of the circulation is having cold hands and feet.

Although one might say that in the deepest days of winter everyone experiences cold hands and feet, people suffering from this problem may complain of the condition even during summer months. Raynaud’s disease is characterised by white, blue, or pale hands and feet, and when the blood does return to the extremities, the skin could turn red and itch or be sensitive to touch without a diagnosable cause.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to always keep the body warm. Dress warm, layer your clothes and keep your hands, head, neck, and feet warm by wearing socks, scarves, hats, and gloves on cold days or when you are outside during cold times. A further trigger for Reynaud’s disease is negative stress. This causes a narrowing or spasm in the circulatory system that leads to restricted blood flow causing the coldness of the extremities. A very effective remedy to use for Reynaud’s or cold hands and feet is A.Vogel Circulation Formula.

Poor memory

With age, the ability to remember things appears to diminish. This decline in memory is not a true health problem for most, just simply an inconvenience.

Whilst some might joke that they are experiencing the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, having a poorer memory than what we are used to is often just a natural part of normal ageing.

The accepted explanation for this is that the circulation of blood to the brain is not as good as it was when one reaches the age of 60 or 70. The Chinese made this observation many years ago and named the Ginkgo biloba tree the ‘Memory Tree’. Today, we know that extracts of Ginkgo leaves help to improve the circulation of blood to the brain and other parts of the body. Long term use of A Vogel Ginkgoforce with Bio-Strath is highly recommended for people struggling with poor memory.

Varicose veins and Haemorrhoids

Varicose veins are predominantly found in the legs, yet they can occur in practically every part of the body – did you know that haemorrhoids are a type of varicose vein?

Varicose veins can appear as thick twisted veins that bulge and are unsightly. They can itch, be painful to touch, cause aching and tiredness in the legs, cramps, swelling and in some cases can lead to venous ulcers. The reason why varicose veins are worse in the legs are due to walking and standing. The blood must move back up against gravity to the heart but due to the standing and walking, it pools in the legs. Veins have valves in them to push the blood back up. When these valves battle to open and close properly, the blood seeps back and pools causing the bulging and thickening. In some cases, an operation is required to treat the problem. In mild cases the long-term use of A.Vogel Venaforce with Ginkgoforce is recommended to minimise the severity of the problem and improve the circulation. Try and avoid standing for long periods of time. Don’t cross your legs when you sit. Avoid wearing tight fitting underwear, socks, shoes, and clothing that can negatively affect the circulation. If so required and recommended by your health care professional, wear compression stockings to help push the blood back up to the heart and to avoid pooling of blood in the legs.

Should the varicose vein appear in the anus it is called a haemorrhoid. The A.Vogel Haemorrhoid Formula is the remedy to use. This sleeping beauty remedy has been the answer to young and old suffering from anal fissures to bleeding haemorrhoids, painful and itching haemorrhoids and to help prevent the reoccurrence of this uncomfortable problem.

Understanding the body, living a healthy lifestyle and knowing how nature is your benefactor, can truly make life a little easier.

Parts of this article originally appeared on the A.Vogel websiteand can be found here.